Economic Inequality & You

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  1. Elizabeth Wahl says:

    I completely agree with your strategy for those who are already in the middle class. Even when Raul and I graduated college and had lots of student loans to pay off, we still managed to start contributing to retirement plans and save enough to put a down payment on our first car. But sadly with the erosion of wages for the past two to three decades, many people are working full time and still not able to save anything because they’re living paycheck to paycheck. Many of them are not living in high rent locations or spending money on groceries from Whole Foods. So part of rising rates of income inequality has to do with stagnant wages. That’s why I advocated policies like the earned income tax credit, food stamps, housing and childcare subsidies and an increase in the minimum wage. If my own children, who are graduating college and have no student loan debt can’t save, that’s their individual failing, but too many Americans simply can’t get ahead because they don’t have the money to save in the first place.

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